Our Mission:

CHEF supports the Colorado health care ethics community through:

  • Cultivating the foundations of ethical practice by providing education, training, and resources to members of ethics committees and others involved in ethics consultation;
  • Helping advance awareness of ethical issues by promoting opportunities for ethics education statewide;
  • Educating community members to become effective individual and organizational providers of ethical health care and conduits for information and resources to the larger health care community;
  • Facilitating opportunities for collaboration and networking of persons and organizations interested in participating in health care ethics.

Our Values:

The activities of CHEF are guided by the following core values:

  • Collaboration
    Open communication and collaborative dialogue are integral to the practice of ethics

  • Inclusiveness
    The practice of ethics should be interdisciplinary and inclusive of all health care settings, cultures, and viewpoints.

  • Knowledge
    Ethical practice is based on a firm foundation of ethical knowledge and method.

  • Advocacy
    Advocating for the importance of ethics committees, ethics consultation, and integration of ethical considerations into all dimensions of health care is critical to sustained ethical practice.

  • Stewardship
    Ethical awareness must include a balance of concern for the individual patient and the constraints of the larger system, including the just distribution of resources among health care organizations and the larger society.

  • Quality
    Ethical practice is not a destination, but a journey that requires constant focus on enhancing the quality and integrity of ethical practice. 

  • Compassion
    Ethical practice recognizes the spiritual dimensions of health and wellness.   Compassion toward self and other supports the dignity of patients, families and health care workers.

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