June 9th, Day Two  8:00am to 4:30pm

7:45 am    Registration

8:00am     Welcome:  Jamie Beachy, PhD 

8:15am     Keynote: "Empowering Conversations" The

                    Conversation Project in Boulder County

9:45am     Panel: :“Flash Rounds:  Practical Update on Advance

                     Directives, MOST use/misuse, Physician Proxy Best

                     Practices” Jean Abbott, MD; Deb Bennett-Woods,

                     EdD; Sarah Meshak, JD

11:00am    "ECHO (Ext. for Community Health Outcomes) 

                     Workshop: Ethics Topics for Module Development," 

                     Kory Thomas, MPH

12:00pm    Lunch, "Conscience and Medical Error:  The Moral

                     Landscape of Restorative Justice,"  Susan Fox, JD

1:00pm to 4:00pm:  Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Hot Topic Track:

     “Leaving Colorado - Ethical Dilemmas for the Physical

     Therapist with Dry Needling:  Is Conscientious Provision

     Appropriate?" Dr. Cameron W. MacDonald, PT, DPT

     "Does Legality Equal Legitimacy?: The Challenges of Fostering

      Safe Practice With State Legalization of Marijuana”  Carla

      Lomuscio, LCSW, Betsy Long, MSW, Amy Carver, PharmD

     “Moral Distress and Justice”, Pat Maher, MD​

Clinical Ethics Consultation Track: 

     “Gaining Patient Cooperation: Ethical Considerations Around

      Restraint, Coercion and Deception,” Megan Prescott, LCSW

     "Ethics Consultation Skills Assessment," Kayte Fulton, MS

     Advanced Ethics Consultation Skills:  "Diminishing Drama

     When the Stakes are High," Heather Fitzgerald, MS, RN and

     Ryan Simmons

 4:00pm  Discussion and Closing Comments

4:30pm Adjourn

June 8th, Day One  8:00am to 4:45pm


8:00am    Welcome:  Carl Middleton, DMin


8:15am    Keynote: "Conscience & Integrity: Navigating in Deep Water"  

                    Cynda H. Rushton, PhD


9:45am    Plenary: "Professional Conscripts: Conscientious Objection in

                    Medicine"  Abraham Nussbaum, MD


11:00am  Panel: "“Engaging Dialogue and Ethical Practice with the

                   Colorado End of Life Options Act”  Amanda Hine,

                   PhD; Cary Clarke, MD;, J. Gregory Whitehair, JD; Ryan Cebula,

                   MD; Carl Middleton, DMin


12:00pm   Lunch: "Making Moral Choices – A Literature Update,"  Jean

                     Abbott, MD, MH and Kayte FultonMS


1:00pm     “Conscience and Calling,” Phil Fung, MD


2:00 pm   “Blowing Fire & Other Tales of Healing: Physician Distrust, Bias,

                    and the Use of Narrative in Cultural Competency Training,”

                    Lauren Baker, PhDc


3:00pm    "The Professional Self, It's Not About Me,"  Peter Hulac, MD


4:00pm    Discussion, Q&A 


4:30pm    Closing

​​2017 CHEF Annual Conference
The Conscience of the 

Health Care Professional         

 June 8-9, 2017    
Stonebrook Event Center -  Thornton, CO

Access the conference presentations here. 

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Conference Schedule