Join us as we explore what it means to be a person of conscience facing challenges that exist in developing personal and professional integrity as moral agents in today’s healthcare landscape. The conference will explore claims of conscience expressed as objection as well as advocacy claims of conscience. An interdisciplinary group of presenters and attendees will consider how health care professionals can skillfully navigate conflicts of conscience in a way that preserves moral and professional integrity. 

June 9th, Day Two  8:00am to 4:30pm

7:45 am    Registration

8:00am     Welcome:  Jamie Beachy, PhD 

8:15am     Keynote: "Empowering Conversations" The

                    Conversation Project in Boulder County

9:45am     Panel: :“Flash Rounds:  Practical Update on Advance

                     Directives, MOST use/misuse, Physician Proxy Best

                     Practices” Jean Abbott, MD; Deb Bennett-Woods,

                     EdD; Sarah Meshak, Esq.

11:00am    "ECHO (Extension for Community Health Outcomes) 

                     Workshop: Ethics Topics for Module Development," 

                     Kory Thomas, MPH

12:00pm    Lunch, "Conscience and Medical Error:  The Moral

                     Landscape of Restorative Justice,"  Susan Fox, JD

1:00pm to 4:00pm:  Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Hot Topic Track:

     “Leaving Colorado - Ethical Dilemmas for the Physical

     Therapist with Dry Needling:  Is Conscientious Provision

     Appropriate?" Dr. Cameron W. MacDonald, PT, DPT

     "Does Legality Equal Legitimacy?: The Challenges of Fostering

      Safe Practice With State Legalization of Marijuana”  Carla

      Lomuscio, LCSW, Betsy Long, MSW, Amy Carver, PharmD

     “Moral Distress and Justice”, Pat Maher, MD​

Clinical Ethics Consultation Track: 

     “Gaining Patient Cooperation: Ethical Considerations Around

      Restraint, Coercion and Deception,” Megan Prescott, LCSW

     "Ethics Consultation Skills Assessment," Kayte Fulton, MS and

      Jamie Beachy, PhD

     Advanced Ethics Consultation Skills:  "Diminishing Drama

     When the Stakes are High," Heather Fitzgerald, MS, RN and

     Ryan Simmons

 4:00pm  Discussion and Closing Comments

4:30pm Adjourn

June 8th, Day One  8:00am to 4:45pm


8:00am    Welcome:  Carl Middleton, DMin


8:15am    Keynote: "Conscience & Integrity: Navigating in Deep Water"  

                    Cynda H. Rushton, PhD


9:45am    Plenary: "Professional Conscripts: Conscientious Objection in

                    Medicine"  Abraham Nussbaum, MD


11:00am  Panel: "“Engaging Dialogue and Ethical Practice with the

                   Colorado End of Life Options Act”  Amanda Hine,

                   PhD; Cary Clarke, MD;, J. Gregory Whitehair, Esq.; Ryan Cebula,

                   MD; Carl Middleton, DMin


12:00pm   Lunch: "Making Moral Choices – A Literature Update,"  Jean

                     Abbott, MD, MH and Kayte FultonMS


1:00pm     “Conscience and Calling,” Phil Fung, MD


2:00 pm   “Blowing Fire & Other Tales of Healing: Physician Distrust, Bias,

                    and the Use of Narrative in Cultural Competency Training,”

                    Lauren Baker, PhDc


3:00pm    "The Professional Self, It's Not About Me,"  Peter Hulac, MD


4:00pm    Discussion, Q&A 


4:30pm    Closing

​​2017 CHEF Annual Conference
The Conscience of the 

Health Care Professional         

 June 8-9, 2017    
Stonebrook Event Center -  Thornton, CO

Conference Schedule